35 Quick Tips

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  1. Reducing expenses is the quickest way to increase cash flow.
  2. Effective networking requires planning and targeting the right contacts.
  3. Good recordkeeping will save you time and money at tax time!
  4. Use your business contacts and business counselors for perspective and advice.
  5. Always be prospecting for new clients!
  6. Qualify a client before you do a sales presentation.
  7. Can you clearly convey why a client would WANT to do business with you.
  8. Objections are an opportunity to educate your client on your product or service.
  9. People are led, things are managed.
  10. Business education needs to be an ongoing process! Attend a seminar this week!
  11. Ask for referrals from everyone! Even those who don’t buy…yet.
  12. Tradeshow expenses are wasted if you do not follow up on the leads.
  13. Take the time to do it right the first time!
  14. Customer service is not an expense, it is a competitive advantage.
  15. Build your team of advisors and use them!
  16. It is cheaper to keep a good customer than to find a new one!
  17. Don’t make a rule that you do not intend to enforce!
  18. Think globally and creatively…at least once a week.
  19. A goal without a time frame is a wish.
  20. Hold yourself and your employees accountable.
  21. You must take time for yourself.
  22. You can only burn a candle at both ends, half as long!
  23. Share your knowledge with your employees!
  24. It will build a stronger team.
  25. Reward great performance.
  26. Sometimes you need to count to 50 before you respond to people.
  27. Share your vision.
  28. Developing a system allows you to repeat your success.
  29. Writing a business plan proves it wasn’t an accident!
  30. Investment in education is investment in your future.
  31. Be an expert at what you do, and then hire the rest.
  32. Write down answers to the top 5 objections you receive… and then practice the answers.
  33. If starting a business was easy, everyone would be an owner.
  34. Lack of start-up capital is the leading cause of new businesses failure.
  35. Ask yourself once and hour, “Is what I’m doing right now making me money?”

As mentioned, I’m interning at the Disney Entrepreneur Center in Orlando, FL. The E-Center is a public/private partnership dedicated to the development, growth, and success of small businesses. At the center, we have a big flat screen in our entryway that shows news, videos, etc. of things going on in the center. At any rate, one of the things displayed on the screen are the quick one liner business tips written by our Director Jerry Ross. – some of which you just read.  Class dismissed.

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3 Responses to “35 Quick Tips”

  1. chris.pund Says:

    Hey Brett – drop me a line about doing that interview/discussion in the next couple weeks. Let me know what your schedule is like and we can set something firmly.

  2. Crusader Extreme Says:

    Good thread, i like this tips 🙂