Visualizing Your Customers

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This is a quick tip I picked up in class recently, and I thought I’d share it with you.  It’s similar to other strategies I’ve discussed for different aspects of your small business, but in this case we’re applying the techniques to your target customer.  It’s pretty simple and even somewhat enjoyable.

By profiling your customers, things inevitably become easier.  You’ll even discover a few “invisible” customers you didn’t even know were lurking.  The technique I’d like to share with you involves building a target market collage.

  • Look through old general interest magazines, industry publications, and those you think your target audience would read.  Cut out twenty of so pictures, phrases, and quotes that seem to represent your target customer.
  • Come up with a list of your target customer’s favorites.  Include TV shows, movies, dining options, hobbies, mucic, books, URL’s, etc.
  • Combine these into a collage

Sounds kinda corny but it helps you to start thinking “outside the box” – opening your eyes to alternative thoughts about your target.  It’s also good to stimulate the “other” side of your brain for a variety of reasons.

Again, quick post today but I just thought some of you might be interested in giving this a shot.  Class dismissed.

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One Response to “Visualizing Your Customers”

  1. Rashid Says:

    hey Bret,

    I like the post. You know another thing I do is I like to go back old school to some serious mindmapping techniques. I use a large piece of paper and a sharpie. I write down the major categories (for example customers here) and try and make as many connections as possible between the categories and the main idea (or the store in this situation). I leave it posted on the wall near my desk for a couple days, and just let it soak it. It’s amazing the things you will come up with.

    p.s. If you could shoot me an email, i have been trying to contact you but I could not find a “contact” page. I just wanted to toss around some ideas. I have a similar site, and i thought we could benefit from working together. Let me know!