Tuesday Top 10: Customer Analysis

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Quick post today because I’m feeling a bit under the weather. Identifying the buyers in your target market is critical to the success of your new business. Today’s Top 10 focuses on the questions you need to answer about the customers in your target market.

  1. What types of customers are you trying to attract? What are their habits and demographics?
  2. What problems are your customers facing with their current solution?
  3. What needs of their’s are not being met?
  4. Which segments of your market are being ignored, and how can you capitalize on them?
  5. Who are the traditional customers in this market? How can you expand your reach into secondary markets?
  6. Again, how is the market further segmented?
  7. What motivates their buying decisions? Needs, resources, etc.
  8. Can you identify the channels of distribution being used? See if you can find which channels are being ignored and figure out how to capitalize on them.
  9. In what ways are customers dissatisfied with the current offerings in the marketplace? Again, how can you capitalize on this?
  10. Not a question but a call to action. Get out there and talk to your potential customers! Use the techniques we’ve discussed in previous posts and just make it happen.

Again, sorry for the quick post – but I’m really not up to par today. And folks, I know you are out there, so how about starting to leave some comments! Class dismissed.

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