More Characteristics of a Young Entrepreneur

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I’d like to expand a bit on yesterday’s post with a little more detail on the intrinsic characteristics of startup students.

  • Succesful young entrepreneurs see commercial opportunities everywhere they look
    • And the key here is they don’t just leave it at that – they capitalize on them.
  • They tend to be extremely optimistic
    • Some might see this as a fault, but it’s my opinion that a pessimist walks around with their eyes shut and won’t have a chance to find those opportunities.

I think Mark Twain put it best years ago,

I was seldom able to see an opportunity until it had ceased to be one”

We can break down the characteristics even further into four distinct attributes. You’ll find some overlap from yesterday’s discussion here:

  1. A sincere need for achievement
  2. A desire to take risks (and I don’t mean you should to be a gambler)
  3. Extreme self confidence
  4. An finally passion along with a healthy dose of enthusiasm

That’s all for now, tomorrow we’ll examine the differences between two types of entrepreneurs. Class dismissed!

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