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Welcome (me) to!

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My name is Ansel Taft and I am the new owner of

decided to acquire Startup Students and add to the conversation of young entrepreneurialism. I feel my background and experience offer rich lessons to draw from, and guide this site’s readers toward a business of their own. But before I get into my background, let me first offer thanks and good luck to the site’s originator, Brett Adams.

Brett started this site in July of 2007 and helped grow this site into a home for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of young business pioneers could come to learn to be better at their craft. He was a good steward of the entrepreneurial spirit and I thank him for his efforts. Unfortunately, as all things, it came to an ‘end’ when his time was stretched thin and he felt he should transfer it to someone who would be able to apply more energy to the site.

As the new sheriff in town, my goal is to write an engaging post once a week (or more, as I am able). I am a thirty-four year old entrepreneur with several active businesses (click to call website widgets, free website bullet icons for unordered lists, easy acne cures) and even more half-baked businesses on the horizon (premium web traffic (3/4 baked), article and press release directory (2/3 baked),  SEO savvy WordPress web design (1/4 baked)). I even own many domains I could turn into viable businesses if I had the time or Imperial cloning machines. As you can tell, I have invested heavily in WordPress. I personally believe it is the best content management system (CMS), especially for the money!

Let me finish by offering more information on my background:

  • I am college educated. I spent (*cough*) nine years acquiring three degrees from three schools. I have an Economics degree from San Diego State University and an AS, AA, from San Diego Miramar College in, respectively, Business Administration and Liberal Studies. I also attended Tulane University in the mid-Ninties, when I was still ‘finding myself.’ I will probably not offer thoughts on college, except to say, get through it. Increasingly, a four-year degree is a must.
  • I was a freelance web designer back in the late Ninties, back when it was fashionable to use tables to format a web page.
  • I have worked for several real estate offices, the largest Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) and an industry-leading software start-up.
  • My titles have included: designer, desktop support (IT), network admin, project manager and corporate (software) trainer.

As you can see, I’ve worked in organizations small to large, local to national firms, and my own individual businesses. I have to say, nothing satisfies me, intrigues me, and challenges me like owning my own businesses. I get to use every facet of my being to overcome the challenges laid before me. There is always a problem to fix, a process to improve, and books to read. Which leads to the important point that my only real problem is finding enough hours to accomplish everything, while minding a work/life balance. I can’t neglect my new bride of three months!

I hope the readers of come from a similar place and that I can offer you something of value. Nothing would thrill me more than to help you hatch your own business. So please, feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you’re working on. I would be happy to field questions, at they’re likely to spur new articles. And if it leads to new exposure for your business… so be it!

Until next time…

-Ansel Taft